Hi Beautiful Soul!
I'm Gosia

It is my mission to lead women on a path to wholeness, peace, self-love, sovereignty, fulfilment & freedom 

I'm Malgorzata Fietko

but friends call me Gosia

I’m a Self-Love Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Writer & Content Creator. My mission is to lead overwhelmed women on a path to peace, healing, self-love, empowerment, sovereignty, fulfilment and freedom in life.

I will guide you to reconnect with your true, authentic Self and help you transform your self-worth, feel confident in your skin, step into your personal power and achieve your true Soul’s purpose and potential.

My Story

Work with me

Work With Me

I will empower you to love, accept and care for yourself like never before. I will assist you in finding balance, reclaiming your authenticity, gaining your confidence and strength back so you can step into your true power, express yourself unapologetically, speak your truth courageously and create a meaningful, intentional and conscious life aligned with your true Self, your dreams and passions.