Meet Gosia

Hi Beautiful Soul, I'm Gosia

I’m a Self-Love Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Writer and Content Creator and my mission is to lead women on a path to feeling whole, alive and safe in their entire being, learning to love and accept themselves and ultimately becoming confident, self-connected, sovereign and empowered, ready to create a meaningful life of peace, fulfilment and freedom.

I will guide you to reconnect with your true, authentic self, transform your self-worth and self-esteem, help you to feel confident in your skin, step into your personal power and understand who you are at the Soul level, coming to wholeness, aliveness and safety in your entire being, helping you to become the woman who you’ve always meant to be, achieving your potential and building an aligned, intentional and meaningful life of love, peace, joy, fulfilment and freedom.

My self-discovery and self-development journey began in 2009 when I arrived in England to start a new life on my terms. I left Poland behind, my home country, along with my controlling parents – narcissistic father and codependent mother – with whom I was was never able to show and express my authentic self.

I was an extremely insecure 19-year old woman with weight, self-esteem and self-worth issues. Although on the outside I seemed confident, bold and fearless, deep down I wasn’t feeling enough, whole nor safe. Instead, I felt lost, often anxious, worried, stressed, and I lacked direction in life.

Year later, after meeting my amazing long-term partner, I began to feel better about myself, because I finally felt I was validated and seen.
This state lasted for a few months until I began to study Journalism at the university of Northampton and experienced even stronger feelings of not-enoughness, unworthiness and lack as well as anxiety, worry and constant stress.

After two years of struggle, in my 3rd year, I decided to take charge of my life, I changed my eating habits, I lost weight, I became more confident in myself and my abilities and finished my degree. I thought that changing my appearance will magically make me feel happy and whole. It turned out that my happiness, satisfaction, and content lasted for a split second. The thoughts of not not feeling enough or safe in my being creeped back in.

For the next 6 years, after graduating with Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I found myself working in the fashion industry, I moved places two more times and worked four jobs I found meaningless and unfulfilling. I kept climbing the career ladder, looking for more responsible jobs and hoping I will find fulfilment this way.

On the outside, I seemed to have a perfect life: working in the fashion industry, having a perfect body and confidence, an amazing wardrobe and being in a stable relationship.

But within, I was hurting deeply. Not feeling enough, worthy or important. Instead, feeling more and more miserable, stressed, anxious, frustrated and overwhelmed with each day.

★ I’ve been putting a constant pressure on myself to achieve, to be successful, to prove myself to others, to be perfect and look perfect.

★ I was afraid to express my feelings, my emotions, my true needs, opinions, perspectives and views.

★ I kept suppressing my truth and my authentic self.

★ I wasn’t believing in myself, my skills and my abilities.

★ I didn’t know what I wanted to be doing in life although I knew I didn’t and couldn’t carry on living this unfulfilling life.

I was feeling so lost and so small…

I carried on constantly proving my worth, chasing the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction in the external through new jobs, new clothes, travelling, moving around from one city to another, trying to win or impress others…

★ I wasn’t taking care of all parts of myself, focusing my attention on my body and my looks only because I didn’t accept myself for the way I was. I neglected my emotional, mental and spiritual self.

★ I kept doing things and working in jobs that weren’t aligned with me and my values because I thought I ‘should’ and was afraid to change anything.

★ I kept looking for validation outside of myself, craving acceptance from people around me including my parents, my employers, my partner, my friends and family.

I didn’t believe I was good enough and got caught in the illusion that happiness and fulfilment can be found by achieving and striving to be and do more.

Even though I consciously didn’t want to and didn’t follow the stereotypical way of living including getting married and having children, I lived in guilt and shame for being different and wanting to create a life aligned with me and my true values.

I was unconsciously self-sabotaging myself.

In Autumn 2018 I began to wake up from the matrix and opened my eyes to the truth of reality I was living in. My awakening started when I realised that I don’t agree with the current state of affairs, how we’re being told to conform to the rules imposed on us by society, culture, governments and the patriarchal system run and administered by mad people. People that allowed injustice, greed, pain and suffering in this world. And because of their lack of awareness and clear ignorance, many people, animals and Mother Earth experience mistreatment, rape and pain every single day.

I realised I need to change and begin to live by my true values, promoting peace, love and harmony and waking up others to not be afraid and speak up, too. 

I also began to feel that we are much more than our body. We are a Soul in the body and we are way more powerful and capable than we are made to think that we are by society, governments, media and even science and medical industry.

I started taking steps towards more conscious, intentional, holistic and sustainable living.

★ I went vegan.

★ I got rid of all pharma drugs from my home.

★ I stopped watching the news and negative shows and movies.

★ I became more mindful when doing my grocery shopping, avoid processed and packaged in plastic foods.

★ I reduced my clothes consumption to a minimum.

★ I started meditating and doing the inner work.

I began to feel better, happier and much more alive for making all of these positive changes in my life. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I entered another unaligned and meaningless job due to fear of uncertainty, my lack of direction in life and most importantly lack of confidence, self-belief and self-trust.

Fast forward to April 2020…

Everything began to change when I was placed on furlough because of the pandemic. I was finally able to sit still and not worry about anything while being supported financially.

For the first time in my life, I truly felt calm, peaceful and at ease.

For a few months, I meditated every day. Sometimes for more than 2 hours.
I read self-help books. I spent time and connected with Nature.
I dived deep into spirituality, Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, self-love and self-care topics and accelerated my personal and spiritual growth.

I also began to receive spiritual guidance from the Universe.

This was when my healing process started. I began healing from wounds of unworthiness. From not feeling enough. From not believing in myself. From feeling lost, small and unsafe. From thinking that life is hard and meaningless. 

I started to take off all the masks I’ve been wearing pretending to be someone I never was but thought I should be to receive acceptance, love and validation from others.

As I was purging, a lot of situations when I was mistreated came up and along with them feelings and emotions that I suppressed for so long.

I learned to process them, let go of them and forgive.

Doing this inner work helped me understand that I am already WHOLE and COMPLETE the way I am. That I am ENOUGH.

It’s only after I gave myself permission to pause, slow down and take all the masks off exposing my true nature, I began to embody the truth that I am much more than this body and capable of much more than I was made to believe.

I fully understood and felt with my entire being that I am a Soul in the body, not just body with Soul.

As I reconnected with my Soul, it was made clear to me that my Soul wants to experience more balance, peace, harmony, fulfilment and freedom.

I understood that I need to begin to protect my peace and step onto a path of loving and accepting myself for the way I am.

★ I realised I was tired of living stressful and unfulfilling life where I chased success, money, acceptance, validation and recognition.

★ I understood I long for slow living.

★ I wanted to restore balance, find joy, explore my passions, follow my heart’s true desires and help others do the same.

First, I returned to writing. I came across She Rose Revolution, met and became friends with the founder Shani Jay and understood I am going through a spiritual awakening.

I grasped that now it’s my turn to stand up, unlock my full potential and become the most authentic, confident and joyful woman. The woman that I am meant to be.

I found the courage within me and truly believed in myself! 

I chose myself and levelled up.

★ I left my meaningless 9-5 job.

★ I accelerated my personal and spiritual growth, began studying coaching, meditation, energy healing, tantra teachings and other self-improvement practices.

★ I followed my passion and returned to writing.

★ I changed my entire career and became a Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Writer & Content Creator.

★ I began to speak my truth honestly and openly.

★ I started to express myself authentically, confidently and courageously.

★ I stepped into a healing journey, acknowledging my insecurities, accepting them and learning to love myself.

★ I re-ignited my long-term relationship and became even closer with my long-term partner.

★ I stopped searching outside of myself and began to look inward for all the answers.

★ I strengthened the relationship with myself, stepped onto a path of self-love, caring for myself, my needs and transforming my self-worth.

★ I transformed the relationship with my body and healed sex and intimacy-related shame.
I healed my digestive issues.

★ I learned to validate and accept my emotions, manage stress and anxiety.

★ I transformed my mindset, learned to control my negative thoughts and developed positive and empowering self-talk.

★ I stopped feeling guilty for being myself and wanting more fulfilment and satisfaction from life.

★ I gave myself permission to stop conforming and instead made my own rules!

★ I strengthened my relationship with the Universe and learned to listen and communicate with my inner guidance.

★ I began to listen to my heart and follow my desires and passions.

My mission is to inspire and empower people to re-ignite the power within them, help them reconnect with their Soul and embody their best Self.

Find out more about how you can work with me, and allow me to guide you on your spiritual awakening journey to healing, self-love, empowerment, sovereignty, fulfilment and freedom in life.

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