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My name is Gosia. I’m a Self-Love Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Writer and Content Creator and my mission is to lead women on a path to feeling whole, alive and safe in their entire being, learning to love and accept themselves and ultimately becoming confident, self-connected, sovereign and empowered, ready to create a meaningful life of peace, fulfilment and freedom.

I will guide you to reconnect with your true, authentic self, transform your self-worth and self-esteem, help you to feel confident in your skin, step into your personal power and understand who you are at the Soul level, coming to wholeness, aliveness and safety in your entire being, helping you to become the woman who you’ve always meant to be, achieving your potential and building an aligned, intentional and meaningful life of love, peace, joy, fulfilment and freedom.

If you are…

★ Feeling not good enough, unworthy and undeserving

Afraid of being your authentic self, expressing your truth, speaking up your mind

★ Struggling with people-pleasing, finding it hard to say no and set boundaries

★ Seeking validation and acceptance outside of yourself

★ Lacking confidence in yourself, your abilities and struggle
with perfectionism

★ Feeling insecure, unsafe, worried, tamed & suppressed, unable to process your emotions and feelings and often afraid of expressing them

★ Afraid of asking for and pursuing what you want, need & desire

★ Feeling insecure about your body and feel the pressure to always
look perfect

★ Neglecting yourself, your needs, often feeling restless, not
allowing yourself time for self-care, pleasure and relaxation

Feeling unfulfilled in life and in your relationships

★ Feeling the constant sense of guilt and shame

★ Feeling like you are not living up to your full potential

★ Feeling stuck in life, lacking direction, motivation and energy to change anything

★ Feeling miserable, stressed, unfulfilled, frustrated and anxious every day

★ Feeling like you want more from life but you are unsure what to do next…

I am here to help you drop all the masks, burdens, shoulds and musts you have been carrying for too long, and guide you to realise your full potential, awakening the true essence within you.

I will empower you to love, accept and care for yourself like never before. I will assist you in reclaiming your authenticity, gaining your confidence and strength back so you can step into your true power, express yourself unapologetically, speak your truth courageously and create a life where you get to follow your dreams and passions.

I’ve been where you are, Beautiful! And I experienced:

★ Low self-worth, never feeling enough

★ Lack of confidence, self-belief, self-trust, self-connection

★ Seeking validation & acceptance outside of myself

★ Stress, anger, overwhelm & frustration with my life

★ Being a perfectionist & over-achiever

★ Co-dependency in relationships (with parents, my partner)

★ People-pleasing, inability to say ‘no’, poor or lack of boundaries & assertiveness

★ Anxiety, depression, emptiness & lack of fulfilment, joy & direction

★ Inability to validate express, process & handle my emotions

★ Self-neglect, lacking self-care & self-love

★ Complete loss of self 


Everything began to change in 2020 when I was placed on furlough.

I’ve experienced an enormous spiritual awakening, and for the first time in my life I felt blissful, calm, peaceful and at ease. This experience accelerated my personal and spiritual growth that began back in 2009 when I left Poland, my home country and moved to England looking for freedom and fulfilment.

I also began receiving spiritual guidance from the Universe and this allowed me to see myself for who I really am – not just a physical body but a pure & beautiful Soul in the body.

This is when my healing process started.

I started to strip myself from countless masks and wounds of unworthiness and not-enoughness I’ve been carrying within me for my entire life.

I began to confront and challenge my deepest fears, shadows, limiting beliefs and thoughts. 

As I’ve been healing and purging and allowed myself to feel all the suppressed and tamed emotions, I began reconnecting with my true, authentic Self.

This allowed me to connect with my Soul and understand that I am already whole and complete the way I am.

I finally grasped what my Soul truly wants so it could feel fulfilled – it craves freedom, peace, harmony, joy, unconditional love and meaning. And so I knew I needed to gather my strength and courage and step into my full power and potential so I could start making changes that align with these values and become the woman I was always meant to be.

I knew I have no choice but to follow my dreams and desires.


I truly believed in myself and levelled up!


★ I left my meaningless, Soul-sucking 9-5 job, changed my entire career & became a Coach, Mentor & Writer.

★ I stopped searching outside of myself for happiness and fulfilment and began to look within for all the answers.

★ I strengthened relationship with myself, stepped onto a path of self-love and finally began to feel enough, worthy, confident & safe within my entire being.

★ I transformed relationship with my body, healed sex & intimacy related shame.

★ I stopped people-pleasing, learned to say no and set clear boundaries that feel good.

★ I re-ignited my long-term relationship and deepened connection with my partner.

★ I learned to process and express my emotions & manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way.

★ I strengthened my relationship with the Universe and learned to listen to my inner guidance/intuition.

★ I began to listen to my heart/intuition and follow my desires and passions.

★ I learned to care and nurture myself & listen to my needs.

★ I stopped feeling guilty for being myself & wanting more from life.

★ I began to speak my truth honestly and openly, express myself authentically, confidently and unapologetically.

★ I healed my digestive issues.

★ I gave myself permission to stop conforming to social norms and made my own rules of living.

My mission is to help women who are ready to:

★ Reconnect with their true, authentic Self & explore their Soul’s longings

★ Feel confident and safe in their own skin and their entire being

★ Transform their self-worth and self-belief

★ Stop playing small, begin to own their voice, learn to be assertive & begin set boundaries

★ Heal past wounds and traumas that continue to resurface and hold them back from living the life they want

★ Identify and transform their limiting beliefs, and any other mental blocks and internal programming

★ Deepen relationship with themselves, other people and the Universe

★ Experience peace of mind, develop self-trust and open up to their intuition to guide them in life

★ Step into their power, uncover their passion(s) and make a plan to realise their full potential

★ Create meaningful and loving relationships as well as Soulful life on their terms they’ve always dreamed of

If you feel you are ready to step onto this journey with me, please feel free to book a FREE Discovery Session with me or go ahead and fill in the application form below. I will review it and will be in touch shortly advising you on the next steps or may suggest a different path for your needs.

I work with women (and men) of different ages, races and backgrounds from all over the world.

If you’re looking for guidance in a combination of areas, I can weave these together in a special offering tailored to you and your unique path to wholeness, fulfilment and freedom.

I consider my every client as unique and strongly believe that a different approach and timeframe for transformation may be required for each person I work with. I listen carefully to my clients’ story and their needs and apply the techniques and tools that I believe will help them best.
If this seems suitable and you feel called to dive into working with me, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Much love,

* * *

Coaching, Mentoring & Private Guidance Fees

Single Sessions

Single Power Session £88 | 60 mins  £100 | 90 mins

Please note that this session is to be paid upfront. No refunds. Reschedules to be made 48-hours in advance. 
Thank you.


4 – 60 minute sessions per month:
1-Month Package £308 (£77 per session)

Please note that this package is valid for one month and to be paid upfront. No refunds.
Thank you.

 4 – 60 minute sessions per month for a 2 month commitment
2-Month Package £528 (£66 per session)

Please notethat this package is valid for two months and to be paid upfront. No refunds.
Thank you.

4 – 60 minute sessions per month for a 3 month commitment
3-month package £660 (£55 per session)

Please note that this package is valid for three months and to be paid upfront. No refunds.
Thank you.


With all packages, I will offer you something to work on in between sessions, such as
exercises, journal prompts, inquiry, meditations and/or other type of relevant to your growth action. 
Sessions, including packages, can be done via zoom or skype. I’m also offering in-person sessions.


For new clients, the first session payment must be made in advance prior to meeting.

All future payments can be arranged after our initial meeting. Sessions are payable by electronic bank transfer or paypal. 

The full fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.
All packages are payable upfront without refund.


Why I only do one initial session (60mins or 90 mins) and then offer packages

From my experience working as a Coach and Mentor and my own self-discovery journey, I have seen that healing and transformation take time. The change is more likely to happen in those that commit to working consistently for at least 4 sessions a month for a couple of months. When we see something in ourselves we choose to work through, we get excited and from that feeling we gain momentum and motivation for a change. Healing becomes easier. 


One session may not be enough if you’re looking to dig deeper and liberate yourself from your fears, subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, traumas and wounds that have been holding you back for years. 

Like with anything, it takes some time, practice and consistency to retrain and rebuild a new sense of Self. It doesn’t need to take years but it requires your willingness to show up, look at yourself and embody the person you know yourself to truly be.

One session can be enough to guide you into feeling a significant shift as much as you are willing to surrender into the process and your truth. 

The process is one of healing the parts of you that is wounded, limited and scared to expand into your fullest expression and potential. My mission is to reflect back to you your true Self and be your guide along the way as you free and liberate yourself.

So, I choose to commit to my clients by asking them to commit to me, or rather the process and journey. 

You will get far more out if it, and potentially accelerate your process of growing, healing and evolving.

I care about each of my clients and feel that building connection between each other goes a long way in the process of healing, shifting old patterns and transforming old beliefs.


If you’re ready to say yes to transforming your life today,
I invite you to book a FREE  initial consultation  below.

This consultation will be a mix of getting to know you & your needs better,
coaching, and creating a plan for moving forward towards your dream future.

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Hi Beautiful Soul! I’m so happy you’ve decided to take charge of your life and step into a path of healing, self-love, empowerment, sovereignty and ascension.
Take some time for yourself, relax into the present moment and fill out the below form, being as honest and open as you can be.
I will review your form shortly and get back to you via Instagram DM’s or email if you prefer this way of communication.
We will then discuss further steps about how I can best help you to realise your full potential, awakening the true essence within you and ultimately creating aligned life on your terms.

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